Magnum Hot & Normal Premium Water Purifier

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Rs. 24,500

Product Features:
  • Antioxidant Antibacterial Alkaline Technology
  • Pre-Filter for Long Durability
  • External Power Supply for Fire Safety
  • UV Protection from Bacteria & Disease
  • Add Minerals Enriched Antioxidant for Better Metabolism
  • Increase pH & Reduce ORP for Better Health
  • Antioxidants & Hydrogen Rich Water for Anti Ageing
  • Reduce Water Cluster size for Superior Hydration
  • Reduce Arsenic, Pesticide & Heavy Metals
  • Fully Automatic with Auto On/Off
  • High Storage and Purification Capacity
  • Coconut Shell Carbon Filter
  • 100 GPD Membrane, Upper TDS Limit 2000 ppm
  • 100 GPD High Capacity Imported Pump
  • Leakage Free Imported Fittings with Locking
  • Push-Fit Components for Leak-Proof Performance
  • Suitable for Water from all Sources
  • Made of Superior Quality Material
  • Remove Harmful active oxygen which causes Cancer, Fast Ageing, Diabetics etc

MAGNUM Water Purifier operated with Antioxidant Alkaline Technology with protection from bacterial diseases by UV, alkaline water that helps you to improve your metabolism and remove acidic waste. Reduce the ORP Level and maintain the pH level 7-8.5pH.

Brand Name: Thunderwell
Model No.: TH0010
Model Name: Magnum
Product Type: Electric with Storage
Technology: RO + ALK + UV + TDS + PF
Stages: 12
Storage Capacity: 10 Ltr.
Purification Capacity: 12-15 Ltr/hr
Installation Type: Wall Mount & Table Top
Membrane: High Quallity, Max. TDS 2000 ppm
Booster Pump: 100 GPD Imported (Heavy)
Input Power Supply: 230 V AC 50 Hz
Power Consumption: 50 W / 300 W Heater
Weight: 10 Kg (Approx)
Product Dim. (mm): 430(L) X 240(W) X 478(H)
Box Dim. (mm): 498(L) X 343(W) X 552(H)