Smash+ RO with Mineral Cartridge

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Rs. 16,500

Product Features:
  • Pre-Filter for Long Durability
  • Double Protection (UV+UF) from Bacteria & Disease
  • Pure Water with Essential Minerals
  • Reduce Arsenic, Pesticide & Heavy Metals
  • Fully Automatic with Auto On/Off
  • Smart Control for Dry Cut-Off (LPS)
  • High Storage and Purification Capacity
  • External Power Supply for Fire Safety
  • Coconut Shell Carbon Filter
  • 100 GPD Membrane, Upper TDS Limit 2200 ppm
  • 100 GPD High Capacity Imported Pump
  • Leakage Free Imported Fittings with Locking
  • Push-Fit Components for Leak-Proof Performance
  • Suitable for Water from all Sources
  • Made of Food Grade Material

Smash+ Water Purifier operated with double protection from bacterial diseases by UV and UF purification mechanism gives you pure and safe water.

Brand Name: Thunderwell
Model No.: TH006
Model Name: Crazy
Product Type: Electric with Storage
Technology: RO + MIN + UV + UF + TDS + PF + AS
Stages: 12
Storage Capacity: 15 Ltr.
Purification Capacity: 12-15 Ltr/hr
Installation Type: Wall Mount & Table Top
Mineral Cartridge : 8" imported
Membrane: 100 GPD, Max. TDS 2200 ppm
Booster Pump: 100 GPD Imported (Heavy)
UV Lamp / Wattage : PHILIPS / 11 W
Input Power Supply: 230 V AC 50 Hz
Power Consumption: 36 W
Weight: 9.2 Kg (Approx)
Product Dim. (mm): 405(L) X 240(W) X 520(H)
Box Dim. (mm): 438(L) X 286(W) X 708(H)