Why Become Dealer & Distributor of Thunderwell?

We have 20+ years of experience in the RO Industry with a wide range of RO Water purifiers, RO Spare Parts, and RO General Spare Parts. We have our manufacturing unit and offer a very attractive price range to our Chanel Partner. We've got a protracted chain of native, national, and international buyers/dealers and are the first to introduce Zinc, Copper, Alkaline RO water purifier in INDIA. We keep on introducing new models for our dealer distributors all the time. We recently also launched a new ZX-series and Zinco Model. Client satisfaction is our primary goal and that's how we have international trade relations as well.

Water Purifier is a need, and so they'll keep growing which will grow retailers as well. You will have to invest in our company. Not only in low investment cost, but we will help you in every aspect of selling our product and make a successful profit out of it.


Our Process

  • Market research and evaluation
  • Through long-term observation of market dynamics, grasp the needs of potential customers, analyze market competitors and development advantages, and evaluate development feasibility.

  • Develop possibility assessment
  • According to the possible market, evaluate and adjust the development momentum, and rationally allocate resources.

  • Best quality service
  • We are very much happy to offer you the business with complete training, sales, and service support. Again we need your appearance to provide best service to customers and to share very good margins please go through all pages and please do not hesitate to contact us for any information.


Why takes Dealership
& Distributors from Thunderwell?

Our company has excellent business plans for maintaining its position in the industry.

Our company supports franchisees through regular training and support.

Dealer & Distributor Process

Customer inquiry confirmation

Your basic information, like your phone number, address, ID, etc. is the first step for a smooth transaction.

Manufacturing / Assembling

We then move on to processing your order. We start working on the manufacturing, according to the brief provided.

Quality inspection

After manufacturing, a quality check is conducted by our specialists to make sure there are no shortcomings.

Packing / Shipping

After all the quality checks are complete and approved, we pack and ship your order to the provided location.

Dealer & Distributor Process