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      Thunderwell India Pvt. Ltd.

      We are a part of Thunderwell India Private Ltd. which is a certified ISO 9001:2015 company.The wide range of Thunderwell RO water purifiers are cost effective, and comes in world class quality at attractive prices. We ensure that our customers get full value of their money. we aim for customer satisfaction. We work towards establishing new benchmarks in water purification system through NSF Certified Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline technology.

      Thunderwell RO water purifier is energy efficient and easy to maintain. The company is continuously introducing new methods and ideas to secure people from the health hazards. It believes in “RO se Kuchh Jyada” and preserve the trust of its customers by making pure drinking water available to them. Read More

      Why choose Us?

      UV Barrel (Gold)



      • UV Sterilization Power
      • Advanced Filtration Assurance
      • Waterborne Contaminant Defense
      • Eco-Friendly Operation
      • Durable Performance
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      100 GPD RO Booster Pump



      • Enhanced Water Flow Rate
      • Consistent Optimal Pressure
      • Improved Filtration Efficiency
      • Quiet Operation
      • Easy Installation & Compatibility
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      Zinc, Copper & Alkaline Filter (11")



      • Triple-Action Purification
      • Antimicrobial Defense
      • PH Balance Enhancement
      • Mineral Enrichment
      • Easy Installation & Compatibility
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      SLX Selenoid Valve (24V, DC, 1/4)



      • Precise Water Flow Regulation
      • Easy Integration, Hassle-Free Installation
      • Efficient Low-Voltage Operation
      • Smooth Functionality Guaranteed
      • Durable, Long-Lasting Construction
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